Welcome to Weston Village Primary School


Welcome to Weston Village Primary School. As a village school at the heart of the community, we are committed to developing excellent relationships with our families in order to secure the very best educational experience for all the children at our school. 

We have an incredibly hard working staff team at Weston, who always go the extra mile for the children. I am delighted to be part of that team. We are part of the Cornovii Trust consisting of 5 schools all in Cheshire. Find out more via The Cornovii Trust website.

We are proud to do things the Weston way and provide opportunities that will fully prepare the children for the next part of their lives. The Weston approach, driven by our ‘Be the best you can be’ motto, is based on our Secrets of Success ethos, whereby we teach children that anyone can be successful through the following: trying new things, working hard, concentrating, pushing yourself, imagining, striving to improve, understanding others and never giving up. It is these attitudes that we nurture and celebrate, rather than academic success.

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We know that your child will thrive through this approach and through what we offer at Weston. This includes:

  • A 21st century curriculum
  • An extensive range of high quality extra-curricular clubs and activities
  • Expertise in and prioritising of child emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • A strong pupil voice including an active student council
  • Excellent home-school partnerships and strong communication
  • Staff-led forest school learning
  • An on-site breakfast, after school and holiday club
  • A full calendar of family events organised by an inclusive Friends of Weston parent group

We know that when primary age children embody the Secrets of Success those skills will carry them far down whichever path they choose to take beyond primary school. That said, academic success is also desirable and at Weston we place a particularly high value on reading, which is at the heart of our curriculum and learning throughout the school. 

We currently have a handful of spaces in some year groups. If you want to know more about Weston and what we can offer your child, please give us a call or send an email. I'd be delighted to share our school with you.

Thomas Cutts, Headteacher



I am extremely proud to be Chief Executive Officer of The Cornovii Trust, our trust of local schools. Weston Village Primary School is a shining example within our Trust, with strong values, fantastic children, caring and talented staff. Weston’s moto: “Be the best you can be” underpins our school. Our children and staff all strive to be the very best and follow our ‘Secrets of Success’ ethos. It is these underlying core principles that make Weston a fabulous place and such a successful school.

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Success for all will be desirable, demanded and achievable

Success = We know that children will leave Weston on the path to life-long success because they have fulfilled their potential; they recognise and embrace the Secrets of Success; they have a great sense of self-worth and recognise what makes them special and unique and they feel empowered to pursue their own path to future success and happiness

Desirable = The curriculum, enrichment and wider school life will drive aspiration, not cap it. Children will want to succeed, their parents will be involved in their success and staff will be proud of their own strengths and skills, modeling drive and determination every day.

Demanded = There will be the highest of expectations on all children, which acknowledges their myriad differences and the various barriers they may face.

Achievable = The safe and nurturing culture of Weston, which is based on positive relationships, combined with the effective deployment of resources, commitment to staff development and ambitious curriculum, will provide the best environment for success to ensue.

Safeguarding at Weston

Weston Village Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children. We ensure consistent, effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support children, families and staff at school.

Our designated safeguarding leads in school are Mr Cutts, Mrs Loveland and Mrs Grindley. At Weston, we are clear that that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

For more information, visit our Safeguarding page.

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