Student Leadership Team

We really value the voice and views of the children and their ability to impact positively on the education and lives of other children. As well as the school council, all of our Year 6 students have an ambassadorial role. In their ambassador teams, they have written action plans and mapped out a year of activity to enhance their own personal development and that of the wider student body.

Ambassadors 2022-2023 

Learning Ambassadors: Hollie, Polly, Ammara, Oliver and Oscar

Physical Activity Ambassadors: Joshua, Cormac, Theo, Benjamin, Ella, Scarlett and Sophia

Community Ambassadors: Lucas, Oliver, Ellie, Erin and Zachary

Eco Ambassadors: Grace, Jacob, Oliver, Luca and Chloe

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Ambassadors: George, Matthew, Zoe, Dougie, Max and Zara

Inclusion Ambassadors: Dylan, Imogen, Sophia, Charlie, Abbey

Digital Ambassadors: Franklin, Isaac, Isla, Olivia and Imogen

At Weston, there is also a team of School Councillors made up of children from Reception to Year 5. They support the ambassadors in achieving their aims and also develop initiatives of their own, involving the entire student body through meetings and other means. In 2022-23

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Digital Ambassadors
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Physical Activity Ambassadors
Safeguarding and Wellbeing Ambassadors
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Eco Ambassadors
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Inclusion Ambassadors
Learning Ambassadors
Community Ambassadors

, their focus is on Diversity, Equality and Anti-Bullying. 


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