Student Leadership Team

We really value the voice and views of the children and their ability to impact positively on the education and lives of other children. As well as the school council, we have a group of hard working Year 6 student leaders. They are:

  • School Council Ambassadors - leading the school council on whole-school initiatives
  • Safety Ambassadors - road, rail and water safety, online safety and anti-bullying (in conjunction with the school council)
  • Eco Ambassadors- recycling, plastic pledge, composting
  • Sport Ambassadors - play leader work and competition/festival promotion

They lead initiatives throughout the year and attend training and conferences to develop their skills and understanding.


School Leadership Team 2020-2021 


School Council Ambassadors Max, Lucy, Jannat, Keira

Safety Ambassadors Oliver, Lucy, Millie, Toby

Eco Ambassadors Phoebe, Eleanor, Clarissa, Carmela

Sports Ambassadors Jack, Isabelle, Sam, Erin


School Councillors 

Red Sophia, Fraser

Turquoise Emily, Jacob

Gold Sebastian, Phoebe

Purple Emi, Dylan

Green Maisie, William

Orange Sophia, Scarlett

Blue Elizabeth, George 


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