Secrets of Success

At Weston, we have adopted the ‘Secrets of Success’. These are 8 attitudes and attributes that, when applied, will lead to success for anybody at any age.  At primary school, this is really important as children need to become life-long learners who embrace challenge, understand the value of hard work and recognise that success is earned - it doesn't just happen. Below is the ethos behind ‘Secrets of Success’:

What is success?

Success isn’t just about money. It is about happiness, choices and feeling good about yourself. Successful people feel good about:

  • How hard they have tried
  • Who they are
  • What they spend their time doing
  • The choices they have made in their lives

Below are the eight areas that we believe will help create a fulfilled, curious and independent learner:

You can read more about each of these areas in this article here

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