Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

At Weston we aim to nurture positive relationships so that every individual feels valued and respected. The staff are all trained in how to build relationships with pupils and how to identify and support pupils who have particular barriers that mgiht make it more difficult to maintain positive relationships. Our whole culture places the wellbeing of the child at the centre of all we do and understanding how aspects such as SEND, trauma, mental health and identity can impact upon a child's success.

As such, we view behaviour as an expression of need or communication in the first instance. We take an ABC approach to all instances of negative behaviour to help us to understand them and respond in an appropriate way.

A - Antecedant - What led up to the behaviour?

B - Behaviour - What did it look like? Who was involved?

C - Consequence - What does the child or adult need to do differently to avoid that behaviour happening again?

Our default position is to nurture positive relationships, behaviours and interactions, including learning behaviour. Our Secrets of Success underpin much of this aspirational attitude and we teach these facets of successful people explicitly in class and in assemblies. We reward children who demonstrate these qualities through awarding Dojo points. Anyone can earn Dojo points as they reward attitude and effort rather than academic outcomes.

We follow a Good To Be Green approach to identifying and addressing negative behaviours and, as an inclusive school, we adapt all of our approaches to suit the needs of individual pupils, where needed.

Full details of our our approaches are set out in the school Behaviour policy below.

Please also see our Anti-Bullying policy and Exclusion policy.

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