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    Welcome to Red Class! 

Red Class is the Early Years Foundation Stage (reception) class here at Weston. We aim to teach the EYFS curriculum with a vairety of engaging adult-led and child-initiated activities. We strive to create a happy and safe learning environment where the children are at the heart of all we do. We believe that children's first experiences of school are of great importance and help to shape a lifelong love of learning. 


Our phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc.' are offering free daily phonics videos on their you-tube channel.

As a class, we have learnt set 1 and set 2 sounds. You can use these videos to recap on these sounds and then move on to set 3 sounds afterwards.

Hope you find this useful.

What are we learning this term? 

Communication and Language:

This term, focus will be on listening and responding to others and following more complex instructions. Children will be encouraged to use talk to clarify their ideas and respond to ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions appropriately. An emphasis will also be on the children’s ability to use past, present and future forms accurately.

Physical Development:

The children will learn to show increasing control over an abject in pushing, patting, throwing, catching and kicking during P.E and dance.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

This area involves the children learning to describe self in positive terms and gaining confidence in describing their own abilities. The children will be encouraged to think about how they can take steps to resolve conflicts with other children using talk.  We will continue to discuss the difference between sharing and turn-taking in play. 


The summer term will heavily focus on the children writing more independently, whether that be a simple word or a full sentence. The children will complete literacy tasks using a variety of fiction/non-fiction texts. They will also learn to tell the story of ‘The Gruffalo’, a firm favourite. We will continue to focus on how to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters in their writing so it can be read more clearly, with an emphasis on reading their work aloud afterwards.

Read Write Inc.: We will continue to practise ’Set 1’ and ‘Set 2’ sounds and focus on applying this phonic knowledge in reading and writing. A focus will also be on reading 4 & 5 letter words.


This term we will cover the following:

-Number Bonds to 10

-Subtraction from 10
-Exploring patterns

- Counting on and counting back

-Composing and decomposing shapes

-Counting reliably with numbers to 20 and beyond

-Ordering numbers to 20 and beyond

-1 more, 1 less with numbers to 20

-Doubling, halving and sharing

-Odds and evens
-Volume and Capacity

-Sorting into two groups

Understanding the World:

In addition to learning about the ‘Great Outdoors’, we will continue to look at the life cycle of frogs and introduce the life cycle of a butterfly. We will also be growing our own plants and looking at identifying mini-beasts.


This term will be focusing on objects and places that are special to Christians as well as recognising features of Christian life and practices. We will also introduce the idea of ‘British Values’. 

Expressive Arts and Design:

We will develop our drawing and painting skills by completing observational drawing of flowers and collecting tree rubbings.


Please encourage your children to read the books online on ‘Bug club’.  Please read with your child every night or morning if possible. The weekly recap will be uploaded to class dojo every Friday with a literacy and mathematics focus. WOW words will also be attached for discussions at home. As well as tricky words and sounds that we have looked at that week.


During the summer term, outdoor P.E will be on Tuesday afternoons with Miss Thomas and Mr Richards, and indoor PE will be with Soccer Lions on a Friday Afternoon. Please make sure your child comes in full PE uniform on those days.

Meet the Team...

Mrs Armitt- EYFS Leader and Class Teacher 


Miss Watkins- Class Teacher (am)


Mrs Bedford- Full time HLTA



Useful Information:

It is expected that children are to read at home every night. We give out three school books to take home every week as well as online books. Two of the books sent home will contain decodable words as well as 'tricky words' the children will not be able to sound out but must recognise on sight, the other 'ditty book' follows our phonic scheme and children should be able to decode the words using their phonic knowledge. Please log on to 'bug club' to access books that are assigned to your child, they should match their reading level. (Link for bug club)

This year, we are using Tapestry, an online learning journal tool, to collect observations and document your child's learning. Please add to the journal when you can to give us a whole picture of your child.  


If you were unable to attend our phonics workshops and you would like more information regarding the teaching of phonics please have a look on the RWI website;

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs Armitt for advice on how to further support your child's reading journey. 

Below is a pronuciation guide for our RWI sounds. Children are to use 'pure sounds' when blending and segmenting.


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