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Miss Wright

Welcome to Gold Class


We are a Year 1/2 class who are taught by Miss Wright, supported by Mrs Lister and Mrs Mitchell.

This is what we will be learning about in the Autumn term:



Number and Place Value: In this unit, we will explore the following areas in maths: they will sort and count objects to 10; Represent numbers to 10; Count one more and one less; Count backwards from 10 to 0; Compare and order numbers; Learn to use a number line.

Part-whole within 10: After, the children will use a part-whole model; Write number sentences; Find different ways to make a number; Make number bonds.

Addition within 10: In this unit, the children will add parts to find the whole; add more; Find a missing part; solve word problems.

Subtraction within 10: In this unit the children will take away to find how many left; Break the whole into parts; Discover related number facts; Solve word problems.

2D and 3D Shapes: In this unit the children will name and sort 3D shapes; Name and sort 2D shapes; Make patterns with shapes.


Place Value: In this unit the children will count numbers to 100; Use different ways to show numbers to 100; Use place value grids to make and compare numbers; Compare and order numbers to 100; Count in 2s, 5s and 10s; Count in 3s.

Addition and Subtraction: In this unit, we will use related number facts; Compare number sentences; Make number bonds to 100; Add and subtract 1s and 10s; Add a 2-digit and a 1-digit number; Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number; Add two 2-digit numbers; Subtract two 2-digit numbers; Find the difference between two numbers; Solve missing number problems.

Shape: We will end the term looking at shape, including recognising 2D and 3D shapes; Count the sides and vertices on 2D shapes; Learn about symmetry; Count the faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes; Sort 2D and 3D shapes.


We will develop our reading and writing skills across a range of genres and text types using high quality texts.

The children will write a friendship narrative and instructions inspired by the book ‘Paper Planes’ by Jim Helmore. We will then explore how to write a circular narrative and a letter based on the book ‘The Journey Home’ by Frann Preston-Gannon.

In addition to our English lessons, the children will have a daily 20-minute phonics session following the Read, Write Inc scheme of work.

We will also be having a weekly Guided Reading session focusing on The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Troll by Julia Donaldson. Then, we will explore the book Above and Below by Hanako Clulow.

Each week there will be new spellings which will reflect those being taught in our spelling lessons. These spellings are taught and assigned to Spelling Shed every Monday. 


The Gunpowder Plot

We will be increasing our awareness of the past by finding out about Guy Fawkes and other significant individuals involved in the plot, such as Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy. As well as sequencing events and designing posters, we will look at how bonfire night has been celebrated in Britain since the 1930s.


Our Local Area

Gold Class will be learning about the local area beyond the school gates. We will be building our knowledge of what our own school environment is like and then compare our homes. We will look at local maps and using their drawing skills, the children will create their own maps. We will finish the unit by going for a walk around the village looking at physical and human features of our local area.


Computing Systems and Networks: Technology around us

The children in Gold Class will develop their understanding of technology and how it can help them. They will become more familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills and start to consider how to use technology responsibly.

Creating media: Digital photography

We will learn to recognise that different devices can be used to capture photographs and will gain experience capturing, editing, and improving photos. Finally, we will use this knowledge to recognise that images they see may not be real.


Identifying Animals

We will learn about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. The children will think about the needs of different pets and become familiar with the term carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.

My Body

Gold Class will then explore their body which includes, exploring and looking at various parts of the body, their five senses, healthy eating and how their body moves. Our science will involve practical activities which will include some tasting. Please check Class Dojo for these lessons, as I will be asking parents/ carers for any known allergies. 


Nature Sculptures

The children will be exploring one of my favourite artists, Andy Goldsworthy. We will spend time outside creating natural pictures, produce observational drawings, use multimedia to create pieces of artwork and create a group sculpture. Please note, that for Art we will be going out in all weathers, so I kindly ask that children have appropriate footwear (wellies or walking boots) and waterproofs.

Design Technology: 

Mechanical Christmas Cards

Gold Class will get their imaginations soaring as they think up exciting and inventive ways to bring their pictures to life through a variety of moving mechanisms. They will explore sliders, levers, pivots, and wheel mechanisms and how they can be used to make different parts of a picture move. The final product will be an exciting surprise for the end of term.


Christianity – The Creation Story

The children will learn and then re-tell the Christian Creation story. This will lead them to explore how this influences how Christians behave towards nature and the environment.

Christianity – The Christmas Story

The children will learn to reflect on the Christmas story. They will make suggestions on what Christians might have given Jesus if he had been born in their town instead of in Bethlehem. 


Through the use of Music Express curriculum, the children will cover the units: Ourselves, Toys, Our Land and Our bodies. As part of their music curriculum, the children will explore how the can change and make different vocal sounds, learn to play a steady beat, explore the timbre and texture of a piece of music. This will lead them to play a rhythm using their own bodies as percussion which will lead to using instruments. 


Relationships – TEAM

This unit is inspired by the idea that if a team works well together, it has a positive impact on all of its members and what they can achieve. As we learn more, the children will develop successful collaborative working skills, such as good listening. The children will learn about the importance of being kind to others, the effects of bullying and teasing and what to do about it if they see it happening, or it happens to them. They will also think about effective learning skills and how to identify good and not-so-good choices.

Living in the Wider World – Money Matters

The children will be encouraged to think about where money comes from and how it can be used. The children will discuss the idea of spending and saving their money and begin to understand why it is important to keep belongings, including money, safe. We will also learn about the different things on offer when they go shopping and how we need to identify the difference between the things we want and the things we need.


The children will have two P.E. sessions. Outdoor PE will be taught on a Wednesday. In the Autumn term children will be working to improve their attacking and defending skills, and striking and fielding and techniques. Indoor PE will be taught on a Tuesday. Lessons will include bouncing and catching.

On these days, the children will need to come to school dressed in their P.E. uniform: navy shorts and light blue t-shirt; navy tracksuit and light blue t-shirt. No logos or football kits. Trainers should be plain black. All long hair should be tied back and earrings should be removed.


Maths: Maths homework will be set via Class DoJo on a Thursday to be completed by the following Wednesday. I ask for all children to continue to access Numbots to further enhance their maths skills. Later on in the year, the Year 2 children will also access TTRockstars to practice and improve instant recall of key multiplication facts.

English: English homework includes reading and spellings. Reading books will be changed on a Thursday but they will only be changed if notification has been made in their reading diary. Please send your child with their books daily as they may be heard read at any point of the week. I also ask that the children engage frequently with Spelling Shed to practise their spellings.

Reading: At Weston, we encourage children to develop a lifelong love for reading. We ask for children to read regularly at home to adults and to themselves. Reading is fundamental to the wider academic and personal development of children and the need for children to read widely from a broad and challenging range of texts is even more crucial, due to the protracted absence from school following the recent pandemic. Children will be provided with quality texts appropriate for their age and ability. Furthermore, Bug Club will regularly be updated with eBooks and accompanying comprehension tasks to help extend learning and reading skills further.

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