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Welcome to Gold Class!

 Welcome Back!

Welcome to the final term in Gold class. I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break, and are ready to get back to all the exciting things this term has to offer.  I am sure that we will continue to have an amazing time finding out about lots of interesting things whilst we progress through the Summer term.

In Gold class we work hard to achieve the Secrets to Success

To achieve this we . . .

Try new things - If you never try, you’ll never know.
Work hard – Its not luck or looks that make you successful, its all about the effort. 
Concentrate – Learn to focus, tune out distractions and be mindful.
Push yourself – Fight your fears and learn to push past doubts.
Imagine – Have ideas and don’t be scared of being wrong.
Improve – Keep advancing, bit by bit. Success never comes in one giant step.
Understand others – Learn to listen, listen to learn about others.
Don’t give up – Sir Winston Churchill said ‘Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’


All the children will be following the Power Maths mastery scheme and supplemented by White Rose Maths resources. The children in year 1 will be taught by myself and we will be learning about multiplication and division, money, recapping numbers to 50, learning about numbers to 100, using the part-whole model and ten frames. We will also explore measure and fractions towards the end of the term. The children in year 2 will go to Purple Class and will be taught by Mrs Hornby/ Mrs Buckley and they will be learning about measure (capacity, volume, temperature), time and they will continue to develop their problem-solving skills. 

Numbots: Please continue to use Numbots as a way to develop your child’s fluency in maths.


Our English in this term will focus on the following books. Pig the Pug(F), The Magic Bed (F), and Beegu (F). In addition, we will be having a weekly ‘guided reading’ and handwriting sessions. Everyone will continue to have a 20-minute phonics lesson using the Read Write Inc scheme of work.

Homework: Each week, the children will be set a comprehension task. This will be uploaded to Class Dojo, via the class story. Depending on the book colour that your child is reading, this will decipher the level (1, 2, or 3 star) task to be completed. However, your child may wish to challenge themselves and complete a more challenging task. Please note there will be a Year 2 and a Year 1 comprehension uploaded weekly.  

Spelling Shed: This term, there will be a focus on spellings and to aid your child’s learning of spellings, weekly tasks have been set on Spelling Shed. Your child’s login details can be found at the front of their diaries.


Summer A: Plants - Through fun activities and investigations, Gold Class will explore the science behind plants. In addition to the planting of sunflower seeds before Easter, we will look at the structure of a plant, germination of seeds, and the dispersal of seeds.

Summer B: Super Scientists – Gold Class will have the opportunity to learn about scientists and their discoveries while developing their own 'working scientifically' skills. Super Scientists will extend their knowledge through a variety of fun, practical and informative activities, including investigating gravity, light, sound, medical science including reflexes and germs, as well as how to make a simple circuit.

Geography: Summer B

Beside the Seaside – We will be exploring the geographical features of the seaside, both human and physical. Gold Class will learn about seaside environments; finding out where they are located in the United Kingdom and seaside resorts nearest their own locality using maps, aerial photographs, and developing their key vocabulary. Then, Gold Class will develop their geographical skills through fieldwork, inquiry and map-based activities (have you got your fingers crossed) by a trip to Llandudno to finish off our learning!

History: Summer A

The Gunpower Plot – Using a variety of methods, to fully develop their knowledge and understanding of this significant event in British history: The Gunpowder Plot. Gold Class will increase their awareness of the past by finding out about Guy Fawkes and other significant individuals involved in the plot, such as Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy. As well as sequencing events and designing posters we will look at how bonfire night has been celebrated in Britain since the 1930s.


Summer A: Places of Worship – Gold Class will consider what a place of worship is, before exploring key features of a Jewish synagogue, Hindu mandir and Christian church. They will learn about objects, design and uses of each place of worship. The children will then discuss the importance of places of worship to religious believers and communities.

Summer B: Judaism – The children will be introduced to Shabbat (the day of rest as Jews celebrate creation), important celebrations such as Passover and Sukkot, and the role of special people (Rabbi) in the Jewish faith.

Art: Summer A

Fabricate – Gold Class will learn about two different textile techniques in this unit. First, we will be learning to weave paper and create our own sea placemats based on the work by Gunta Stolzl. Then we will learn about the use of an Indonesian technique of batik before designing and making their own batik product using wax resistant sticks and dye. (I will send a note via Class Dojo for some old clothes when we are doing the dye lesson).

Design and Technology: Summer B

Fabric Faces – We will be exploring and become familiar with the names of different fabrics and learn how to choose and manipulate fabrics to create different effects; they will also learn how to join fabrics in a variety of ways. Running stitch will be introduced and then the children get the chance to apply all of these skills to help them create their own fabric face.


Summer A: Scratch – We will continue our learning of coding by exploring the Scratch Jr software. Scratch Jr encourages the basic understanding of algorithms and how to create precise instructions for visual working programs. It begins to develop a sense of creating, debugging and logical reasoning in preparation for KS2.

Summer B: Online Safety – Children will be taught basic online safety and digital literacy skills. Then, children learn about

the potential dangers in the online world and what basic steps we all need to take in order to have positive digital experiences. They will then go on to learn about using a search engine safely to find pictures. Children learn the SMART rules and look at what information should be kept safe when using the Internet.

PE: Your child will need to come to school in their full PE kit on PE days:

PE Indoor Monday: Agility, Balance and Coordination skills.

PE Outdoor Thursday: Throwing, catching and running skills.

Music: We will be exploring a music via Music Express this term. Our topics will focus on Story Time, Our Bodies, Travel and Water. Within these four units the children will explore the following: Use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. Play tuned and untuned instruments musically. Listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-quality live and recorded music. Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the inter-related dimensions of music.

Other information:

Reading Books: Reading is fundamental to the wider academic and personal development of children and the need for children to read widely from a broad and challenging range of texts is even more crucial this term, due to the protracted absence from school. Please read books on Bug Club, in addition to the ones sent homes, as these provide a variety of texts but also questions to accompany what they are reading. Reading books will be changed on a Thursday/Friday. Please send your child with their books daily as they maybe heard read at any point of the week.

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