School Council

School Council 2016-2017

school council are a group of students who are elected by their class peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school

Our representatives are

Chair Person - Louis

Red and Turquoise - Isaac and Brodie

Orange - Bailey and Olivia

Purple - Eliana and William

Gold - Phoebe and Sam

White - Oliver and Mai

Green - Harrison and Francesca

Blue - William and Mimi

Aqua - Oliver and Rose

Yellow - Maise and Harvey

We have met at other schools to discuss various topics. 

Our recent meeting was at Shavington Primary and our main topics for discussion were,

A community based project

* To make things to see out of recyled materials.

* Making bird/ hedgehog houses for the community and the school grounds.

* Gardening within the community especially green areas.

* A litter pick and clean up in various areas of the community.

* A food bank, where we can set up stall for the homeless.

* Donating hats, gloves, scarves and blankets for the homeless.

* A book club.

We will cast a vote and go back to the other schools and complete one of the suggestions above.

Contact the School

Weston Primary School

East Avenue

Main Contact: Mrs Barbara Mitchell

Tel: 01270 685167